Tuesday, March 22, 2011

QOTD #3 - On parenthood

Little man's had a few rough days*. And any parent with a sick kid knows that even if you manage to avoid catching what he/she has, the experience weighs on you, too, in oh so many ways.

The good news? Fever and congestion can make him miserable and sad, but they can't sap his sweet spirit. Small miracles, indeed. With this in mind, I thought this one would be particularly appropriate today:
"Kiss your children goodnight, even if they are already asleep."
H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Your turn: Why is tuck-in so precious?

One more thing: Thanks again for being so enthusiastic about our new QOTD feature. I know it's hardly an innovative thing, but I'm nevertheless enjoying having it as part of the daily flow here at Written Inc. I'll try to tweak things as we go along, and am always open to suggestions. As part of this process, I'm adding links to each author's wiki page.

I'm also setting the daily posting time at 6:30 a.m. Because that's my favorite time of day, when things are at their most quiet before the house - and the world - awakens. Let me know what you think.

* The verdict from our doc: bronchitis, and we're still waiting for the meds to start knocking his fever and cough down to size.


kcinnova said...

My little guy has also been sick. Like yours, his sweet spirit is still showing, but it's so hard to see him suffer (the flu knocked him a good one).

Tuck-in time has faded away at my house, and I mourn its passing. My youngest often puts himself to bed unannounced and the older ones stay up later than the parents. *sigh*

PS: I love this new feature, your QOTD!

Twain12 said...

Why is tuck-in so precious?

because childhood is over so fast

Kalei's Best Friend said...

i remember my dad tucking me in when i was a teenager... its the unasked gestures that mean alot...
btw will this quote exercise be done on our pages or just here?

Kavi said...

The morning time is perfect for me too ! its quiet and the world is just waking up !

Tuck in so important because as you tuck in each day, there are a countless memories that are tucked into your own mind too ! Memories that you will need in an old infirm time !

Titanium said...

Ackkk. I feel this one. My little munchkin has been sick for going on two weeks now, finally starting to get better- but only just a bit.

She still requires a nightly tuck in and I dread the day when she decides she's outgrown it.

I think it's important to both of us because in a way, we're putting the entire day to rest. Tucking in the corners of a soon-to-be-yesterday and closing the door on the good and the bad. It makes room for things like a fresh start in the morning and a sense that all will be well.

srp said...

It was the time I had to really get close and wind down with Nyssa... tuck in continued even in middle school and high school... teddy went with her to college as well. When she was a baby... as soon as we got home from the hospital.. I read Goodnight Moon every night. By the time she was one, she went to get it every night and her first word after mama and dada was "moon" Precious memories.

PastorMac's Ann said...

I hope your little man is feeling better today, Carmi.

I love QOTD! (I'm a quotations fanatic and so have a file of quotations on my computer. Always happy to add more.)

Tuck-in time.

My father came in each night to kiss me goodnight. He did it faithfully, long past when I was "too old" for it anymore. Did it until the very day I left home for college at age 17. And he faithfully came in and kissed me goodbye in the wee hours of the morning when he left for work. Precious memories for me. Precious moments. He wasn't very demonstrative in his affection but he was faithful to show me at these times that it was important to him. I was important to him.

Tuck-in time - we have it, with all our seven children (even the 18 year old!), though the older ones come and kiss us goodnight now. :-) But they still come, each of them, for a good night hug and kiss and prayers and the final sweet words of the day. The younger ones climb into bed and wait for us to come and arrange the covers and do prayers and give kisses.

Let’s face it, life is so....daily. The days can be long for all of us, and with not-so-fun things included. Tuck-in time brings the day to a close on a high-note, reconciling relationships, setting our love for each other in it’s proper place as our highest priority.