Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time ticks down

One direction only
Deerfield Beach, FL
December 2010
About this photo: Late. Thematic. Here. You know the drill.
This is the last picture I took before 2010 turned to 2011. Over the last year-and-a-half or so, I've become much more observant of firsts and lasts, increasingly conscious of beginnings and endings. Loss does that to you, I guess. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Whatever.

Another sign of age? The fact that I still wear a watch. I know it's kind of a young-demographic thing to not wear one, as every smartphone and electronic device already has a fairly capable timepiece built-in. But unless you like to go through the deliberate act of yanking your BlackBerry or iPhone from its belt holster every time you want to make sure you're not about to miss Ex-Love-Boat-Guest-Star-Celebrity Jeopardy, it's a lot more convenient to keep it on your wrist. Just turn, glance, and you're done.

That's one excuse. Another is that I just like having something there. I guess I've been wearing a watch for so long that I feel somewhat naked without one on my wrist. An adult binky, if you will. And if I'm not buying a new watch every couple of years just because, my wife knows something's wrong with me. My name is Carmi Levy, and I'm addicted to my watch collection. The shame.

So as the minutes ticked down to the inevitable bouncing around the house in well-timed glee, I took a moment out from watching the kids drink it all in and grabbed some physical proof that time continues to mean something. Even if we don't keep it as close to us as we once did.

Your turn: Do you wear a watch? Why/why not?


Karen S. said...

Nice timely photo! I fear I have a few too many watches too, and I don't ever plan to quit having them either! No matter how silly some believe it to be!

Gilly's Camera said...

Do i wear a watch?

Only when i have to behave and be grown up

There's something growing in me that so wants to be free from deadlines and time-watching. Earlier on i my life i had to be aware of time...24/7 : wake up/ get up/ kids up/ get them up again/ and again/ dropping children at school/ making sure they caught their school bus/ collecting for lunch/ collecting from school/ in for tea/ homework before bed/ how much TV the hoard have watched per day/ bedtime/ hours available for me to sleep/ alarm clock for up and about....

Then shift work as the children entered teen years, with all the attendant importance of the alarm clock....and grabbing an hours sleep here-and-there in order to survive all.

I'm all clocked out now and as a result resent even having a clock in our living room. The one we have is very small and can fold away into a case for those times when i do not want to see it.

hapzydeco said...

I was 16 when my grandfather died and my grandmother gave his watch. I wore it for years. Then in the ‘80s since time reminders were everywhere I decided to stop wearing it. In January of this year I got Pa’s watch out of the jewelry box and used it in a meme. As John Cameron Swayze use to say Pa’s watch is still ticking.

Anonymous said...

Like you said, it's much easier to glance at a watch than pull out a Blackberry to check the time. Hence I do have 2 watches that I tend to alternate between. I actually find my Timex quite practically in terms of timing certain activities such as how long I should be steeping my tea bag, etc. :)