Thursday, March 10, 2011

The view from behind

Red light, white light
London, ON
March 2010
About this photo: We're winding down Thematic's doubles week. Feel free to share your own photo here. I'll post the new one Friday morning (a little slow this week. Life's just busy.)
The typical car is an incredibly sophisticated combination of parts, engineered to levels of refinement that earlier generations of drivers couldn't have even begun to imagine. Despite it all, the car has become an appliance, a beast of burden we barely pay attention to unless we're paying for it - or fixing it. Day-to-day, we get in, we drive, we get out. Does anyone ever take the time to appreciate the little details?

On this cold, wet day a year ago, I lingered in the driveway for a bit. Like so many photos-of-the-everyday that I choose to shoot, this one isn't going to change the world. It isn't an iconic Eiffel Tower or a pivotal picture of an important person. But I'm thinking that not every picture needs to be iconic or pivotal. Sometimes it's just enough to record the things that make our everyday, ordinary lives a little less everyday and ordinary.

Your turn: Look around. What do you see?


Anonymous said...

I love this picture. One of the great things about your photo challenges is the "assignment" to look at things differently, to look for and find something specific each week in the everyday and mundane business of life. It's like looking for hidden blessings.

Martha (MM) said...

All cool doubles shots this week. I know I'm appearing at the end but here's one I posted yesterday that fits the theme...

mmp said...

i see way too much clutter and a woman who is too tired to do much about it right now!

i also see the spare shelf of a fridge....cleaned the wretched thing out this morning and spent twenty minutes trying to put it back together again

maybe after a sleep it will make more sense

i see a sleep deprived home!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I love your photo and I completely agree with you that photo should be of both the ordinary and the extraordinary. Your photo is such a good example of this. How often do you see taillights like those today? How about in ten or twenty years? I am trying to write my life story as a legacy to leave for my children and grandchild and how I yearn to have plain ordinary snapshots from my childhood

Hope said...

I enjoyed your narrative. I never understood why we don't consider the ordinary extraordinary.