Sunday, March 13, 2011

A tale of two cities

Toronto, ON, March 2009
About this photo: Thought I'd close out the "doubles" theme with a quick peek at Toronto's Union Station. Head here if you'd still like to share your own. New theme, late, goes live Monday morning.
I was far from home in the city's main railway station when a carving high up on an ornately detailed wall caught my eye. I immediately thought of how transportation hubs no longer feature this kind of thing, that they're more likely to be built of aluminum and glass, and any signage is delivered on a plasma screen.

There wasn't any functional purpose to these timeless letters way above my head. But they made me think of home - and the connections this place fosters - far more effectively than any plasma screen ever could. It's the kind of sense of place that folks really understood once upon a time, but seem to have forgotten more recently.

Your turn: What connects you with home when you're far away?


Twain12 said...

not sure what connect me, but as much as i like to travel coming home is a special feeling. There is a familiarity and recognition that i find comforting. Looking at Japan i can't even imaging what it would be like if everything you know and love all of a sudden be gone.

Dawn said...

Connecting me to home....any wide open prairie with massive sky above.
Love the "oldness" and feeling from this above sign. Nothing beats the authentic version. What happened to good "signage"?

mmp said...

...the feel of my homemade purse.... the touch of a well loved book ( even if i never read it)...comfort on my ipod...a piece of special clothing draped over the suitcase.....