Friday, September 05, 2008

The blue door of bizarro

Forgotten entryway
Montreal, QC
August 2008
[Click to embiggen]

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I found this forlorn sight in the McGill Ghetto. I stood on the sidewalk for what seemed like an age as I wondered whether this thing had been built at non-right-angles or if the ravages of time had gradually evolved the geometry.

Either way, it reminded me of those kid museum exhibits from the pre-electronic era that were designed to teach us about perspective and balance.

I had to shoot and move on, because just being here was making me dizzy.

Your turn: I often talk about how buildings have "stories". At the risk of sounding repetitive, what's the story here?


Unknown said...

That's a strange looking door, for sure... it makes for a beautiful photo tho, love that blue..

maybe the guy had a few too many when he made this door... or.... he just wanted to be different, after all, it doesn't look any door that I've ever seen before. Whatever the reason, it's a cool blue photo!

Lynda said...

I love this photo - it looks like a portal for Harry Potter and his friends.

Robin said...

I see it more as quirky than forlorn, like the entrance to some eclectic little crafts shop. The blue keeps it from being too forlorn.

I like it.

~ Michelle ~ said...

It reminds me of the No-Tell Motel... you can check in but you can never leave... pretty color tho... almost antiquey. Nice composition on the shot.. it does leave much to ponder.

MamaCta! said...

That is a great title for the photo: "Blue door of bizarro" it! I love photos of interesting doors, and that one is very intriguing, indeed.