Sunday, September 28, 2008

Caption This 90

Please caption this image
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London, ON
October 2005
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Please note: This photo continues this week's Thematic Photographic theme, angles. Got a picture - or a link to one - that fits the theme? Have a hankering to grab your camera and take just such a picture? Click here to get involved.
You can have a lot of fun with the late afternoon sun. I'm not, shall we say, vertically gifted. But on this day, in this light, none of that mattered.

Your turn: Please suggest a caption for this image. Come to think of it, suggest as many as you wish! I'll choose the winner next Sunday. Need more background on how this works? Click here.

About last week's spider photo: I have to apologize for the creepiness of this pic. I received e-mail, IM, Facebook and Twitter messages from more than a few people who wanted to let me know they wouldn't be looking at this entry. It gave them the willies. Since I'm not named Willy, and this is a family-friendly blog, I'll keep future pics from freaking anyone out. For my non-arachnophobic captioners, honorable menschens go to:
  • Judy: "Oh what a tangled web she weaves..."
  • Star: "Welcome to my parlor."
  • Robin: "Web writer" (though, truth be told, I revelled in her full list of submissions)
  • Salubrina: "Just when i needed a fly on the wall, there's none to be found"
  • Bradley: "While the cool kids were hangin' out, the arachnerd was inside playing on the web."
  • Sealaura: ""Wilbur, better appreciate this!"
  • Awareness: "Inner beauty is what matters."
Melissa wins my eternal adulation this week with her caption, "Spin doctor". I think it might even make a great vanity license plate. Melissa is an eclectic and accomplished writer whose work has a refreshing habit of popping up where you least expect. When you're looking for an inspirational read, head over to her site, Escribition, and share a word - or two - of congratulations with her.


Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
"Shadow of a doubt."



"Enter Sandman."

"A shadow of your former self."

"Shadow puppet show."

"Shedding light on the subject."

That is it from me for now, but I may be back with more later.

P.S. Bradley says thank you for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Carmi, you're gonna make me blush...

As to this week's shot (which is great), the only word I can think of is


(The question mark is vital.)

lissa said...

Bigger than Life.

Caution: Objects on sand may appear larger than they actually are

And probably another two or three to follow but those are the two that came to mind.

Great shot! Sam and I play the shadow game too - though he is quickly growing to a height taller than his mom (not yet though), he likes to make his shadow taller than mine. Camera never at the ready though - maybe I'll be more prepared in the near future!

Thanks for the inspiration. As always!

BreadBox said...

Stilted growth

b13 said...

"If I take one step to the left, this caption will have a whole different meaning!"

b13 said...

Oh, man! I just noticed that at the bottom... between his legs... There is a nasty looking skull in the sand!

Unknown said...

Everyone else is going for really thoughtful captions...I've never done this before, but all I can think of is the theme song: "Ho Ho Ho...Green Giant". that's gonna run in my head all night. (You have to say it in the deep "Green Giant" voice too;)

Anonymous said...

walking tall

your inseam is HOW long?

come quick! the circus is in town!

Mantha said...

"human sundial"

"i am spartacus!"

"the circus comes to the beach"

"lasting impression"

carmi, thanks for the honorable mention. :-)

Sara said...

look dad long legs

Sara said...

hey dad when i grow legs like this can i join the circus?

Sara said...

stretch of the imagination

Sara said...

long legged tales in the sand

Sara said...

stretching the truth

Sara said...

bendy boy

Sara said...

Go-Go-Gadget legs

kenju said...

Do these pants make me look taller?

Thanks for the menschen last time!

Mystic Thistle said...

Sanding on the Shoulders of Giants.

Jack and the Sand Stalk.

Wee-Me and my Biggie-Sized Shadow.


Sand Soul.

Thanks! That was fun.

Indigo Children said...

Shadow stilts.

and I love Sara's -- "stretch of the imagination"

barbie2be said...

long tall drink of water

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

daddy long legs??? :)

And I know this can't be called a caption, but I am sure you'll appreciate Emily Dickinson's words,

"Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn
Indicative that suns goes down;
The notice to the startled grass
That darkness is about to pass."

lissa said...

Got another one - came to me this morning while waiting for the school bus with Sam and my own shadow stretched to the middle of the road:

"Hey! I can see your sand castle from here!"

(amended from the city street to the park venue but we need to stay on topic, after all)