Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking close to look far

Woodstock, ON
June 2008
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Canada's largest highway, the 401, is also variously referred to as the busiest highway in North America. I don't often sit by the side of the road and count cars, so I can't confirm that claim. But I do know that it's busy enough, and I don't much fancy busy.

So occasion, I'll take the regional highway between London and Woodstock. It shaves a few kilometers off of the ride, which is nice. But more importantly, it lets me slow down to a relatively sedate cruise as the countryside rolls past my windows. I feel like I'm part of the landscape and not just flashing through it at light speed.

Sometimes, I even stop by the side of the road to capture a picture or two. Later, I look back at them and remember why I need to take the road less traveled more often.

Your turn: Do you like to slow things down every once in a while? Why?


Lakeland Jo said...

I was working in County Durham last week and took the back roads (A68) from Corbridge to Crook. Incredible scenery, and so much more inspiring than the A69 duel carriageway, and the horrible A1 which is usually gridlocked by traffic and accidents. Best of all- relatively peaceful and I arrive at work feeling relaxed and fresh.

Mojo said...

Took me a second to realize that was a reflection. (Wow. You must keep your car really clean!)

I finally got something up for the theme this week. A few shots I took yesterday (Saturday) around my garage.

Funny how many interesting closeups you can find in a garage...

Tracey9AD said...

Oh, i love this one! i sometimes use that same technique with windows and water. Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an awesomely clear reflection! Very cool!

Unknown said...

I looked at this photo the other day and clicked in to comment but not before reading the others. Well now, I was really surprised when I read mojo's re the reflection. I went back and took another looksee, and wow, it is! That's really neat Carmi, it's so clear... it never dawned on me that it was a reflection!

Well done, I say! Well done!