Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feelin' squirrelly

That's MY nut, buster!
London, ON, September 2008 [Click to enlarge]
About this photo: We're taking pictures of nature all this week as part of the latest Thematic Photographic theme. Please click here to get started. Or read on for a laugh, then follow the link. And while you're here, I hope you'll drop in for some Caption This fun. Either way - or both - enjoy!
Our daughter's become an expert at spotting great pictures. As I pulled into the driveway after picking her up from a playdate, she shushed me as I reached for the door handle.

"Squirrel. Across the street. Take a picture, Dad."

Not wanting to disappoint her, I quietly reached for my camera - women have purses; I have my beat up old camera bag - tiptoed out of the car and zoomed in. It's not a particularly memorable view of a particularly voracious little furball. But I wanted to share it because it reminds me of a moment that I could only have with our daughter. I hope she always remembers seemingly minor events like this with the same happiness that I do.

Oh yes, almost forgot...squirrels: I've taken pictures of them before (here and here) and my association with these critters stretches way back to my childhood, when I'd tick my parents off by leaving nuts out on the back deck. The 'rents were none too pleased when squirrels, upset that I wasn't refilling their nuts fast enough, attached themselves to the screen door while we tried to eat dinner. Ah, good times.

Your turn: Ever have a species you keep coming back to for reasons that don't seem to make much sense?


Admin said...

I adore foxes!!!

G. Harrison said...

Hi Carmi,

Old South is home to thousands of squirrels.

I lied. Millions.

Millions minus 13.

I trap them humanely and give them a bike ride to Springbank Park for quick release.

Only two have beat me home.



Beverly said...

Squirrels are so cute, but they can be so nasty.

I'm partial to turtles.

I love lizards too. I had a baby lizard in my house not too long ago, and I tried to get him to go out because knew if he didn't find food, he would die. Sure enough, the other day I saw his little dried up body.

swilek said...

I know I am a little late for last week's close up theme, but decided to post some they are:

I will post nature pics soon!

Unknown said...

LOL.... your caption on the photo made me burst out laughing... that's a great picture of the little furball, he seems quite happy sitting in the sun nibbling away.

swilek said...

my nature pics are up now...

me said...

Species I keep coming back to? How's Man hit ya?

Adventure girl said...

They called me squirrelly in high school! Never knew what it meant. Is it bad?
Here are some nature pics at my place:

Am I doing this right?

Have a great weekend!

Barbara said...

Birds, I love to take photos of birds. It's all my husband's fault. I never really noticed birds in Arizona, except the roadrunners. But in Missouri we have beautiful birds, and we feed hundreds of them. They will probably show up in my blog this week!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Great squirrel shot - especially because of the memory it invokes for you. I'm actually in - early for a change. Hopefully there'll be more to come.

In answer to the species I come back to? It's the deer. And bunnies. But I have more deer shots. They're all over our neighborhood in spring and summer.

We also have numerous squirrels. But I don't shoot them often.

Malinda777 said...

Do trees count as a species? I always dig taking pictures of really cool trees :)

Maddy said...

I could do with someone to prompt me too!

Best wishes

awareness said...

Love the squirrels, but know VERY well that they are really rats with tales and are a pain in the gotta love their feistiness though eh?

here is my contribution to the nature theme....I had a helluva time posting it because i seemed to have caught a few bloggie demon bugs these past two days. I'd save the text and return to it later only to find that it has disappeared!! this happened three times.....and you know what its like to write something you like and then lose it to the ether monsters!

I chose two of my favourite photos from this past summer and strangely enough they were taken back to back. How rare is that? The photo with the bow of the canoe peaking into it reminds me of a Christopher Pratt or Alex Colville Still Life. Are you familiar with these painter's Carmi?

Hope you enjoy them.....and hope others come to visit. sorry for the tardiness. TGIF!

Thumper said...

Tigers...I don't know why, other than they're big cats, and very beautiful. I just love tigers and wish there were tiny little domesticated tigers...