Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike sucks

My intense dislike of extreme weather continues. I'm nowhere in the line of fire - one of the happy byproducts of living in the most boring place on the planet, I suppose - but I know enough people who live in the Texas coast region. And that bugs me.

I hope this turns into another Gustav - lots of worry and anticipation, followed by a weaker-than-expected strike. I hope everyone in the shadow of this meteorological temper tantrum finds safe haven and doesn't suffer too much material loss in the process.

I know. There isn't much comfort in a bunch of words on a blog page. But it's all I've got from my distant perch in the Great White North. If you're in Ike's crosshairs, please know a lot of distant voices in a lot of distant places are praying for you tonight.

Your turn: If you're affected by this in any way, shape or form, I hope you'll share a thought or two in a comment. Godspeed, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carmi. We're not on the coast, but we are in Texas. If Ike turns west, we'll be in for possible tornados. If he keeps straight or heads east, we'll get high winds and rains. We'll be praying for the folks on the coast, as well.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Carmi, the media didn't do Gustav justice. The Baton Rouge area took the hardest hit ever. We are still in awful shape down here. Now we have the feeder bands and tropical storm force winds from Ike threatening us as it approaches the Texas coast. The trees and poles that are still standing, albeit tentatively, are threatening to go down with Ike's winds. My prayers are with those in Texas.

Beverly said...

As I've written before, the destruction from the four storms have devastated the Caribbean. Having lived and worked in Haiti, my heart breaks for those people. I posted a link today to a photo journal from Haiti on my blog. It's is hard to look at, but you with your compassion will be drawn to well as the photography. The photographer should be nominated for an award.

Here on my side of Florida, we have gotten wind and rain from Ike, and it is nowhere near us.

Prayers with all.

Z said...

wordnerd, sorry to hear that....all the best.

Carmi's right..we have to keep all those good people in our thoughts and prayers. I'm almost afraid to turn the TV on this morning to see what Ike did over night.