Thursday, September 04, 2008

Overlooking the market

Windows over the neighborhood
Toronto, ON, August 2008
About this photo: We're zooming in on the "faded" theme as part of this week's Thematic Photographic extravaganza. It's never too late to jump right in. Just click here to get started.
Toronto's St. Lawrence Market is the kind of place that big cities seem to have forgotten. Fortunately, this big city hasn't. It's lunchtime in this old crossroads, and the streets around this beloved old building are crowded with office dwellers escaping from their air conditioned cubicles. The hot sun beats down from a dull blue sky, but no one seems to mind the near-oppressive heat.

High above the fray, this old building seems to be silently watching the procession. No one comes in or out, and the windows show no signs of life. A couple of young men - obviously cubicle drivers from nearby - sit on the sidewalk out front and eat take-out from super-ungreen styrofoam containers. Not once do they turn around to face the building behind them.

I know this building has stories. I wish I had the time to hang around and listen to a few of them.

Your turn: Do you want to share a story that this building might have? What have these old walls and windows seen?


Robin said...

What a beautiful photo Carmi. I love how well your composition tells your story. Really really nice.

Here's mine for today:

Faded Beauty and Knights in Shining Armor

Maddy said...

Interesting [visiting from Circus Kelli]

LZ Blogger said...

Carmi ~ Very nice photo. I can't help but always wonder what things have gone on over the years in these old brick buildings. Ahhh... the stories they COULD tell! ~ jb///

Unknown said...

I think it's so sad when buildings have outgrown their usefulness and are left to decay. There are so many building like that, aren't there. I guess eventually it will be torn down and something more modern put in its place. It's part of the scenery now, people are too busy to take notice.... I'm glad you did tho carmi, it's a great photo... if walls could talk, I'm sure this building would do so, non stop.

The St. Lawrence Market looks like the place to be for fresh, fresh produce. They must do a booming business. I remember going to the Montreal farmer's market with my aunt as a girl... it was always packed. I think that today people are still looking for that freshness that these markets offer, I know I am.

When I worked in Montreal, I was a Stock Statistician, a big word back then... :) they always had the offices soooo cool... I couldn't wait for lunchtime to go outside and get warm from the sun. Now, the A/C is almost running constantly, the summer has been one continuous heat wave. We finally have a bit of relief today..... at last!