Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big sky country

Lost in the clouds
Laval, QC, July 2011
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There are some subjects that'll never get old, that are worth coming back to again and again because you always find some new way to look at them. I count sunrises and sunsets among them, and I'll apologize now if the repetition is getting a little, well, repetitious.

Sometimes I think the actual picture is less important than the feeling I get when I take it. As the day ends, you have a few fleeting minutes to feel the moment before it slips into history. Tomorrow morning will bring on a whole new performance in the sky, but it's up to you, right here and right now, to remember the last little bit of today. You feel a little bit small, a little bit peaceful, and a little bit humble to be witnessing something so extraordinary.

Or maybe it just feels good to be out on the balcony, quietly trying to capture a feeling through a lens. Maybe it can be as simple as that.

Your turn: What does the sunset mean to you?


Shirley @ The Gardening Life said...

Sunsets and sunrises to me are breathtaking and remind me just how small we are and how great our Creator is.

JC said...

Really awesome sunsets (like in your shot, there) remind me to be grateful for the many things I should always be grateful for.

Carmi, I always think of you when I find really cool space shuttle stuff... if you haven't seen this video yet you're gonna love it. So much packed into about 15 min., narrated by Shatner:

Alexia said...

Amazing photo!
Sunsets? I love them but there's also a touch of sadness - every dusk is a small death.

Edith Levy said...

Great shot Carmi.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

For me it has two meanings... Either the end of the day where things may have gone wrong, or the start of something better to come. Or its God's way of getting some shut eye from his busy day.

mmp said...

sunsets?....i so love 'em!

i don't know, maybe it's the way that every sunset is so different....each new day has come to an end.... we're never going to be passing through this day again....

it's a bit like a massive celebration ...every day!