Sunday, July 03, 2011

On keeping it together

"The only way to overcome is to hang in."
Dan O'Brien
Sometimes, words speak to me. Who am I kidding? They're constantly speaking to me. Yet sometimes, some words and phrases carry just a little more weight than others - and it's fair to say Mr. O'Brien's words above qualify in spades.

Life doesn't come with a manual, it's almost never fair, it rarely unfolds as planned and it's guaranteed to leave all sorts of marks along the way. But somehow, we keep plugging away. And we never give up.

There are days when I briefly wonder where most of us get the inner strength to keep at it, to stay in the game, to not just quit. Then, just as quickly, I'll stop the overly-analytical silliness. It's our innate nature to fight on. We've been given the privilege on being on this planet, and it's up to us to make the most of it.

It isn't supposed to be easy, but I guess that's what makes the rewards so sweet.

Your turn: How do you hang in?


Dawn said...

Oh I like this one A LOT!!!!
So VERY've said it all!
I was just dwelling on something this morning...and then I stopped, shook myself, and got on with things.
Mind is a battlefield- as is life.
We can conquer both if we only choose too!
Good words!!!!

Max Sartin said...

I can't remember where this came from, if it was a line in a movie or TV series, but it always sturck me as profound.
"Life is the only game where the object of the game is to figure out the rules."

mmp said...

hanging on in there is something that we assume we can all do............and then something happens and we know people who can't any longer...or we don't any longer...

how do i hang on in there?
( and by the way it was SO good to read those words just now, THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

I go and find something beautiful and look at it
just dug over a patch of my garden now and found a glorious purple bugle

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I just posted my own version of your post
We all get discouraged sometimes, and we all have different ways of coping. Thanks for sharing- and to those who comments another thanks for sharing
Johnina :^A