Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going to see a kid about a horse

My new friend
Quebec City, QC, July 2011
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There's something reaffirming about watching kids with animals. They seem to communicate far better with our furry friends than we do. Maybe we can learn something from the innocence of childhood. Maybe it'll help us become better adults.

I watched this child talk to the horse for at least a couple of minutes. The horse, in turn, seemed to appreciate the attention as it waited for the next set of tourists to board the caleche behind him. It was a sweet moment that once again reminded me that small kindnesses continue to matter, and some kids seem to understand that innately.

Your turn: What can we learn from a child?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

WHAT can't we learn from a child? Children amaze me, especially the things they say... They can say the most profound things w/out realizing the impact.. I think it is because of their sheer honesty.. My kids seem to know how to question something in a way that I would never of thought of... Kids are resilient, yet their sensitivity and bring one to their knees... Having children is like going to school all over again- they remind us how vulnerable we are and yet they can teach us what we may have missed...

Anonymous said...

The horses took a vote on whether or not to listen to children. The neighs have it.

trav4adventures said...

You'd be amazed how calm horses are with kids. Did you know some horses are used as therapy animals? I had a student with 2 brothers. The brothers were autistic. I suggested to the grandmother that she might want to consider horse riding therapy for the boys and she told me they had already started! Yes, children are amazing, but so are animals, especially when they pick up that a child has a need...Beautiful photo, by the way! :-)