Friday, July 15, 2011

Burn the sky

Continuing the parallel theme, I wanted to share this fireworks shot, captured Canada Day 2010, because it just seems so randomly - and temporarily - parallel. It disappeared from view almost as quickly as it appeared, and all we had to remember the moment was a series of traces on a memory card.

This life thing is ephemeral. Blink and it's gone. Which makes me think I've got to try harder to remember what happens in those fleeting moments before whatever-it-is passes into history.

Your turn: What tricks do you use to remember?


Max Sartin said...

That is one cool picture. I like trying to capture those things, lightning, fireworks and the like. Not easy, but like with this one, well worth the effort.

Unknown said...

I remember the things which are magnificent--small and large. I am lucky that way.

Anonymous said...

I found your article very insightful, and wanted to comment on it. I think that....., I'm sorry, What were we talking about again?