Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Setting priorities

Ever have one of those days where you find yourself completely unable to string words together? That would describe the day I've just had. Because I spent it unplugged, and hanging around some charming folks who look like me and deserved my undivided attention.

So a somewhat coherent, value-added, Carmi-branded contribution to the blogosphere will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sure the world will function just fine until then.

And the day? A delight that we'll all remember for a while. Nothing earth-shattering, but important in our adventure as a family all the same. Note to self: Do this more often.

Your turn: How do you recharge yourself?


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day. The first step to recharging is definitely to unplug. Second usually includes getting outside. Spending it with family is definitely a plus.

I also find some of the best days of my life can't be put into words. There may not be anything significant from a sharing point of view, just being present is what mattered.

Jeena R. Papaadi said...

Good for you, Carmi.
You're right, such days need to come more often. Wait- I mean, we should create such days more often.

Prettypics123 said...

Sounds as though you have a fantastic day. I support you doing it more often!

Anonymous said...

I word have write. Think are not me.