Sunday, July 17, 2011

The things we learn from a danish

We've been (relatively far) away from home for a bit, catching up with friends, extended family and each other. It's been good for the body and good for the soul to detach ourselves from the routine of the everyday, to forget, if just for a minute, whether a particular day falls during the work week or on a weekend.

The experience reminds me why we need to do this regularly: because life moves fast, and we miss a lot of neat stuff if we don't.

One morning at the hotel's breakfast nook, I came across these danish. Logic said I shouldn't have eaten them. Too much fat and not enough actual nutrition. I'm not getting any younger, and my ability to eat as many of these as I want without showing the effects is disappearing quickly.

But it was one of those unique vacation moments that I didn't want to lose. I made a big deal out of shooting the scene with my BlackBerry's camera, then offered to carry the entire tray with us for the day. The kids thought I was nuts, but that's nothing new. They also thought the whole thing was funny. And unique. Which I hoped was the entire point.

In the end, I ate one danish each morning. And I hope the munchkins remember how much I enjoyed it. And how sweet breakfast can be when we take the time to notice the small things, and to share them with the folks who matter most.

Your turn: How do you share small, everyday happies? Why does it even matter?

One more thing: The icing is more or less parallel, is it not. If you're Thematically inclined, you know what to do.


Anonymous said...

As Princess Leia from Star wars showed us, the danish pastry pairs well with a bikini.

Rachel said...

I try to squeeze some laughter and joy into each day. I think the memories is what makes it worth it, and it's definitely worth it, especially in your case where you are making wonderful memories with you children!

I have quite a sweet tooth, but somehow the Danish pastries don't appeal to me that much. I'm more of the donut with the icing on top fan!