Monday, July 18, 2011

Thematic Photographic 154 - Vacation

Someone found Nemo
Saint-Leonard d'Aston, QC, July 2011

I think this week will be an opportune time to swap vacation photos, so I've chosen vacation as our latest Thematic theme. We just got back from a lovely week-and-a-bit in Montreal and Quebec City, and as I begin the frightening process of sifting through the mountain of pictures we all took, I realize just how much ground we covered and how lucky we are to have a digital record of the experience.

And of Nemo, who we found in a tank in a memorable rest stop called Le Madrid halfway between Montreal and Quebec City. It's the kind of family-run place that seemingly no longer exists, with crumbling fiberglass dinosaurs at the edge of the parking lot, and a giant pink monster truck thrown in for good measure. Inside, the locked-in-the-1970s theme continues with formica-meets-vinyl decor lit by dim, mostly bare and yellowing incandescent bulbs. A Zoltar machine - think Tom Hanks in Big and you're not far off - completes the motif.

Despite the overt kitsch, everyone seems to know everyone else's name here, and it strangely feels like a slice of home in the middle of a long journey. For now, anyway, as the site's been sold and will be demolished in a couple of months. In its place, the developers promise a modern service facility. I'm not entirely convinced that's a good thing, and I'm glad we got to experience this place, crumbling fiberglass dinosaurs and all, before it slips into history.

Anyone want to adopt a clown fish?

Your turn: If you've recorded your own vacation travels, I hope you'll share some pics on your blog - or point to ones you've already shared - and then leave a comment here letting us know where to find it. Visit other participants to share the joy. No wagering. No competition. Just good summer - or winter - vacation fun with a camera. If you're new to Thematic, our weekly photo-sharing thing, just click here. Either way, have fun with it!


fredamans said...

Very nice fishy.

I gave ya 2 for 1 this week.

Kavi said...

Its about 20 days since I got back from California ! it was an awesome time ! I just blogged about an experience in the Strawberry farm here...

A few other posts on the vacation are in the same blog

The thing about a good vacation is that it stays with you, long after its gone !

caramaena said...

What a gorgeous pic!

I wish I had a decent camera, my family visited the Jenolan Caves (just outside of Sydney, Australia) a few months ago. The cave formations were just spectacular, but our little point and shoot just didn't do it any justice at all.

Vicki said...

Vacations are always nice. Here are a few pics from my last one.

Gilly said...

Posted one of my favourites here

To read a full account of our cruise and see all my photos (well, some of them!) go here

The English Teacher said...

Last week I visited the Utah Shakespeare Festival. I've written play reviews in this post, but the photo at the very beginning of the post is mine and is a suitable contribution to this theme, I think.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

With the economy the way it is a vacation is out of the question, so this is great because I can go on vacation vicariously.
Thanks for sharing
Johnina :^A

Max Sartin said...

Great pictures so far! Here's mine. I had to go back a few years, this year has been more of the staycations kind of summer.

Edith Levy said...

Your timing on this week's thematic Photographic couldn't have been better as alan and I have just returned from a trip to Italy. With the kids away at camp and Alan's 50th Birthday looming in the not to distant future this was a very special "getaway" for us. Thank god for technology as I was plugged in...ipad and all while away and was able to continue posting on my blog. So for your consideration on this weeks theme there a several entries of photos from our Italy vacation.

This link is one of several posts.

Alexia said...

Beautiful fish! your description of the place is great - gently wistful and a litle sad.

I've chosen some holiday-close-to-home photos this week.

21 Wits said...

Very cool Carmi, choosing summertime for vacation as our theme....(kind of glad it wasn't space related, that would be really hard) is my post!

Bob Scotney said...

A interesting end to my holiday in Michigan.

Here's my offering:

darlin said...

This shot is amazing, it's so clear and the color is so vivid.

I was recently in Colorado Springs and a trip to their zoo amused me for a few hours. You can find my blog post here .