Saturday, July 09, 2011

Painting the atmosphere

Natural and artificial clouds
London, ON, May 2011
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Now that I'm back from my big road trip - over a thousand miles in three days - I can't seem to get thoughts of travel out of my head. The whole wandering-alone-across-the-land vibe seems to dominate everything I see.

Like this picture. When I took it around six weeks ago, it was just a picture of some clouds and a contrail in the hours or so before sunset. Now, I wonder about the unseen people in that plane, where they were going and why, and whether any of them stared out the window and took in the view from a much higher perspective than my own. I wondered what they'd think if I could show them this picture.

In retrospect, I realize that there's a whole lot of wonder wrapped up in pictures like this. That it's anything but routine to kiss your family goodbye, close the door behind you and set off for distant, strange places. That it's good for the soul to change our perspective every once in a while. And it's even better for the soul to walk up the front steps, open the door and drink in what awaits inside.

Your turn: Do you have a wanderlust?


Alexia said...

Do I have a wanderlust? Oh yes. I long to be above the clouds, heading somewhere new and different - or even somewhere old and different. I would spend all of my time travelling if I could.
This week I have promised to take someone to the airport to catch a flight to Europe. I just know how fiercely I shall be wishing that it were me going through those doors into the departure lounge.

Beautiful picture, Carmi.

Kavi said...

Wanderlust !?! That fills me up completely. Someday, I hope to doing nothing but travelling for a living. Meeting people, learning cultures, connecting thoughts !

It is fascinating that this small planet holds such differences yet similarities, as i had written on my newest blogpost, after meeting Native Indians in Arizona.

Pictures like the ones that you have posted are pregnant with wisdom, wonder and tugs at wanderlust.

Absolutely spot on. Its so important to change your perspective once in a while. While everything around you is the same, you discover that you have a new way of looking at everything around you ! :)