Friday, August 24, 2012

Apple vs. Samsung - verdict is in

Breaking news just as the world preps for the weekend - isn 't that always the way?

A verdict has been reached in the Apple vs. Samsung case (Mashable link). Lawyers and the whole circus act are returning to the courtroom now for the delivery. Reports say Apple's lawyers look relaxed, Samsung's tense.

Why this matters: The outcome could very well determine how much you pay for that shiny new smartphone or tablet, and who sells it to you.

More here as we know it...

6:11 p.m. - The Verge has activated its liveblog of the verdict here.
6:25 p.m. -  The Wall Street Journal has posted a backgrounder - incl stream here.
6:28 p.m. - Added Storyful Twitter list here. ABC News reporter Karina Rusk live tweets.
7:00 p.m. - CNET liveblog here.

6:42 p.m. - Jury sides with Apple.
6:49 - Reading long list of devices. Jury rules Samsung infringed on most - but not all - designs (6 of 7 patents). Top gun devices mostly - Tab 10.1, SII. Bad day for Samsung, folks.
7:05: Huge hit for Samsung: $1.052 billion in damages. Note: Later reduced to $1.049 billion
7:11: NO damages from Samsung to Apple.

The Bottom Line:
  • Apple wins - but not everything that it had originally sought.
  • Samsung owes Apple $1.052 in damages. Samsung had countersued...and lost: Apple owes Samsung nothing. Update: Dollar figure reduced slightly, to $1.049 billion, following discrepancy review.
  • Samsung infringed Apple utility & design patents for some products - but not all
  • Apple utility and design patents, and "trade dress" have been upheld
  • Samsung diluted trade dress on some products - iPhone, iPhone 3 & Combination iPhone - but not others
  • Apple did not infringe any Samsung utility patents
  • Samsung violated antitrust law - it monopolized markets re. the UMTS standard
  • Apple and Samsung will likely file post-trial motions.
  • Next phase will deal with injunctions against sale of infringing Samsung products. Judge Joh says earliest this hearing can occur is September 20 - due to her schedule.
  • Major upcoming milestones, set by the judge:
  • Apple to file by August 29th
  • Samsung has 14 days to submit its response - takes us to September 12th.
  • Apple will have 2 days to submit its response - takes us to September 14th.
  • Injunction hearing scheduled for September 20th.
Post-verdict coverage summaries:
What-comes-next/What-it-means-type coverage:
Media Coverage:
  • I ended up doing a bunch of radio and television work in the aftermath of this story. Click here for more.
One more thing: Happy 1st anniversary to Apple CEO Tim Cook. One year ago today, Steve Jobs resigned. I was on-air this evening with Newstalk 1010's Ryan Doyle to discuss it.


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