Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't mess with the RCAF

I was pretty lucky to be invited to the Air Cadets squadron year-ending event in May. A highlight this year was when a graduate of the program, now a CF-18 pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force, flew his bird in for the weekend. The Hornet sitting as a backdrop to the parading cadets served as a powerful reminder of how much potential they all have within them.

Indeed, another graduate of the program, Jeremy Hansen, is Canada's newest astronaut.

When the cadets had finished their parade and the dignitaries were done speaking, everyone was allowed to approach the aircraft and chat with the pilot. Listening to him walk every last visitor through every switch in the cockpit, it was one of those moments where you felt your country was in great hands. The true north strong and free, indeed.

Your turn: What do you love most about your country?

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Mike Wood said...

What I love is that after driving from coast to almost coast over thousands and thousands of km, and around all but a handful of km on the Canadian side of all of the Great Lakes, I have yet to see even a fraction of it, and around every turn there is something else to see or photograph or learn about. The country is as varied as her people. And as free as very very few others.

Kranky Granny said...

Touching tribute to the RAF. My hubby is retired Navel Aviation. Did one hitch with the marines and thirty years with the navy. He is always educating me on the worlds military planes. This looks like one we toured on vacation one year.

I posted a second Gray post this week on my regular blog. I put the link on Tuesdays post.

Kavi said...

A country derives its strength more from the resilience of its people than the roar of its artillery !

Thats why I like India !

Unknown said...

While we live in some pretty strange social times, I love the natural beauty one sees with a car trip to other states. I hope to be able to do some catching up and see the natural beauty of the USA!