Thursday, August 09, 2012

Faucet by Delta

Clean as a whistle
London, ON
April 2012

In retrospect, taking this picture in a public washroom may not have been such a great idea. There wasn't anyone else around, and the place was so neat that I felt compelled to remember it. But I'm guessing a stranger happening upon my impromptu little photo shoot might have thought I was some kind of weirdo (shh...I know...)

Fortunately no one showed up, so I got away with it. This time.

Your turn: Do you ever shoot pictures when perhaps you shouldn't?

About this photo: Like all pictures we're sharing this week as part of our latest Thematic, this one was taken with a smartphone. If you've been shooting with a mobile device of any form - smartphone, tablet, even that dumb old Nokia flip-phone that you hold responsible for your lifelong Snake addiction - then head here to share yours.


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

(hey carmi...thanks for stopping by my blog lately...i used to stop by & visit yours often...but LIFE just seems to be flying by...and i'm always behind. BUT i DO visit quite a few other blogs that partake in your 'themes'...i enjoy them all!)

anyway...on with your picture. at least it was the sink...and NOT the OTHER bowl in there! ha!
and it looks SO VERY CLEAN for a public bathroom! almost sparkly clean! it's such a big sigh of relief when u find one like that! :)

Patti said...

I actually did the very same thing, just a few days ago. Took pictures in a public bathroom, with my smartphone. I wondered at the time if some might think it was weird. But if YOU did it ... well, I'm in good company, I guess. :)

Mark said...

I sneaked my camera out while in the men's room just last week, but it was not a smartphone. Sharing here, anyway, because it's too similar to your situation to ignore it.