Sunday, August 26, 2012

This old (brick) house

The stories these storeys would tell
London, ON
February 2012
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You never know what you'll discover when you wander around the back of a building. In this case, I suspect I uncovered a little bit of history. Precisely what these traces had to say was a bit of a mystery, but as I stood there with my neck craned way back, I realized it almost didn't matter. It was enough for me to close my eyes and imagine the stories this building - and the vanished one that apparently stood where I was now standing - could tell.

I guess I'll be peeking around the back more often, as despite the quiet here relative to the bustling street on the other side, there's clearly a lot more going on in this shady place where no one bothers to go. And a lot more stories to discover.

Your turn: Got any ideas re. what happened here?


Magaly Guerrero said...

The best histories take place when we allow our minds to wander, to be inspired by our perceptions and discover the things we would miss while trying to dissect someone else's truth.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't explore and learn backgrounds and things, but the discoveries don't become ours until we let them dress up in the colors of experience.

I love old buildings... and bricks... and blue...

Kranky Granny said...

Very interesting angle in this shot. All that blue paint sure adds to the mystery as well. Looks like the building once had some doors and perhaps balonies or loading docks.

Regardless, it does make for an interesting study in pattern and texture.