Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Who's walking who?

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London, ON
July 2012

Frasier the psycho-schnauzer has been relatively absent from this site of late. That doesn't mean he's been quiet. No worries on that front, as he's barked and howled his way into notoriety throughout the neighborhood. It's more than a little embarrassing, as he goes ballistic whenever a stranger approaches. Once he has a chance to say hello, he's perfectly fine, and will happily play with whoever he meets. But those first few seconds are enough to scare away most sane people. I can't say I blame them.

Truth be told, he's a big suck, an overgrown baby who loves nothing more than to be surrounded by his humans, to play, to flop his head down in one of our kids' laps, to fall asleep wherever we may be.

I quickly snapped this on a recent walk, as I realized I didn't have any decent dog-walk pics of him. I can't pull off the trick with a regular camera, as he's so strong and so quick that I'd probably drop my camera if he decided to chase a jackrabbit while I was composing (seriously, don't ask.) So the BlackBerry was pressed into service. Thankfully, he was calm enough and the camera was able to keep up. This time.

Your turn: Where should we walk next?

About this photo: As part of this week's Thematic, we're sharing pictures taken by smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices - the cameras we use when real cameras aren't available. Got any you'd like to share? Just go here.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Walk wherever he takes you.. btw watching the entire series of Dog Whisperer... available on Hulu... I've learned alot... Learned that dogs are sensitive to us.. they can pick up on anything... Also learned that behavior in dogs (whether good or bad) reflects how we are w/them.. Also the dog whisperer lives not far from me... I'd definitely use him if I ever had a need.

CorvusCorax12 said...

wherever the roads take you

Shane Black said...

I miss my childhood Schnauzers! They're such good dogs with the right owners, Kalei is right on that one (goes for cats as well incidentally). I imagine Fraiser is quite the muse, knowing you Carmi.

I know that I can't in good consience have one now, no back yard and not enough people around to keep them company through the day but I still miss'em and would like one, some day.

Snowcatcher said...

I agree with Kalei's Best Friend... walk wherever he takes you, and make sure to take the camera phone along. It is easier to operate if the leash gets tangled around your legs. :)

Love having a smartphone so I can take photos when the real camera isn't close by. And every once in a while, they even turn out!

Bethe77 said...

Oh walks! Love wlks we our four legged babies. I so miss my CK girl. We always wen on loely walks. Then I was learning to explore and go on walks without her until my accident. I think a lovely walk in a park would be nice.

MorahMommy said...

Anywhere he takes us! He's lucky he's so cute, cuz his bark could wake the dead!