Sunday, August 05, 2012

Looking down on a cloudy day

Cloudy. Down there.
Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean
May 2012
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We tend to think of clouds as things way above our heads, but a routine flight* in a plane can turn that thinking upside-down pretty quickly. When you're looking down at them from above, they suddenly feel smaller, less imposing. They aren't blocking the sun or casting ominous shadows on the landscape. Indeed, they make you wonder how the day should be categorized: Is it a cloudy day? Or a clear one? I guess it depends where you are.

As you sit beside your tiny window and wonder about the meteorological possibilities, you may also find yourself wondering what those clouds might feel like. They almost make you want to reach down and touch them.

Almost. We were at 37,000 feet, with a whole lot of air below us, followed by a few miles of water. It made eminent sense to keep my hands - and the rest of my body parts - inside the vehicle.

Your turn: When you fly, how do you pass the time?

* I'll leave my thoughts about routine flight for another day - for now, please bear in mind that humanity's ability to create machines that weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds, yet manage to lift themselves off the planet and carry hundreds of people halfway around the works is nothing short of a miracle. Routine? Not so much.

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