Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fast food ad critique

Fast food also-ran Burger King is bringing back its King as the centrepiece of a new ad campaign designed to kickstart its breakfast business. This is wrong on more levels than I care to count.

Still, Slate Magazine has published this biting critique of the first ad in the series. It'll appeal to those of you who find deliciously cynical targets in the manipulative marketing techniques used to sell society-killing products and services.

If I had it my way (could that be a pun?) every last fast food joint on the planet would be simultaneously encased in city block-sized agglomerations of arterial plaque. It would sort of be like the chicken coming home to roost.


Kate said...

I just watched Super Size Me the other day. That's some scary stuff. I agree with you about getting rid of them. Perhaps we can get Rich at Shockingly Provincial to put in his master plan (to take over the world.)

Rich Rosenthal II said...

But I like the flame broiled double whopper. Mmmmmmm fatty goodness. I certainly can't stand the advertising techniques, but the food itself I've got little problem with. As an occasional treat it's wonderful stuff. Living off it it on the other hand just ain't that bright.

I may be talking out my hind end (as I really have no facts or knowledge about this stuff) but it seems to me that people are becoming increasingly focused on what they put into their bodies without an increased awarness for the need for regular exercise.