Friday, October 22, 2004

Lego chief quits...

It's been a long, depressing week. Time for some levity:

This article, Kristiansen: Lego Chief Quits As Poor Sales Block Recovery
, weaseled its way into my browser earlier today.

I guess they finally succeeded in knocking his block off.

(Sorry, couldn't resist. Feel free to insert your own cheeky comment below.)

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Mellie Helen said...

Cheeky comment? How about, "Lego my CEO"?

Read the linked article, and I'm saddened and amazed that Lego is having troubles. Just in the past few years they popped up with those Legoland theme parks, and the Lego Store at Downtown Disney (in the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California) does quite brisk business. And what kid doesn't need a good supply of these little blocks?

You might enjoy this link to the Strong Museum's National Toy Hall of Fame -- it's a brief entry on those classic kid pleasers: The whole Toy Hall of Fame site brings back a flood of fond memories for me, as it's a walk down childhood memory lane.