Saturday, October 30, 2004

Sad news from the beach

Dear readers: It seems I've been dwelling in the land of mirth for the past few days. I don't quite think there's one all-encompassing reason for this. I think the world's been piling lots of things up at the front door, and I've just got to work through it before the sine wave swings back to its more familiar perch at the top of the chart.

To help matters, I thought I'd jazz things up with a lighter-toned observation from the world of entertainment. This should keep things in balance - at least until I dig into writing my next column. On that front, I feel some nastiness brewing yet again. Away we go...

It seems that David Hasselhoff, who this week pleaded no contest to a charge of drunk driving, will be spending the next six months in an alcohol treatment program. Reuters is running this piece announcing the sentence.

Like Patrick Swayze before him, Mr. Hasselhoff, who is apparently very popular in Germany, becomes only the latest celebrity to go down the road we should never travel.

What I fail to understand is why he simply didn't let the freako talking car do the driving for him. Similarly, I wonder if this will affect his eligibility to protect the swimmers at California's beaches next summer. I don't think Pamela Anderson can handle the rolling surf on her own.

Oops, looks like reality is colliding with the world of entertainment again. What can I say except they've both always been such convincing actors.

Like William Katt!

And Connie Sellecca!

BTW, for those of you who may have missed my earlier missive - Some thoughts on links - about the links within my messages, this simple rule continues to apply: you never know what weird and wonderful place I will send you with a simple hyperlink. Happy mouse-travels.


Janet said...

The downfall of the Hasselhoff. I have been quietly waiting for this for some time. Now if only we could convince him to take the likes of Shatner and Schwarzennegger with him, the world might not be such a bad place after all.

Misc Debris said...

Sometimes it is the very people surrounded by German Grammies, cool cars and beautiful, large breasted women that are the ones in the most pain. You think being an international playboy is easy?

From personal experience it is not! Back when I used to act in a TV show entitled 'The El Camino Full of Women' which was a car full of barely clothed women that had a talking horn that said such famous catch phrases as 'Hey Baby, jump in my car' and 'Yo, I'm Loco for Spanglish,' I was the talk of the greater Texarkansas Metropolitan area (well, at least the area that recieved Public Access Television signals). I was a regional playboy of the highest calibur - except of course that dude that could play the guitar with his toes.

So I know what it's like out there! Speaking on the unauthorized behalf of Hasslehoff himself - I'm sure It ain't all schnitzel and silicone.