Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Something smells

I know this story, Ontario funds power from manure project, practically begs for a childishly snide comment. But I can't get myself to do it for two reasons: first, I'm not feeling particularly childish or snide at this particular moment; second, it's frankly just the right kind of fresh (maybe not the best word choice, but it'll do) thinking that we need to start applying to our current and future uses of energy.

Similarly, Lucan is literally just up the road from London. So if I get on my bike and manage to avoid the speeders and the drunks on Adelaide Road, I'll eventually arrive in the lovely little village of Lucan where another step in our energy future is about to be taken.

1 comment:

opinionatedguy said...

Well, fortunately for me, I do feel childish at the moment. This sounds like a project that at first glance (smell?) stinks, but could end up smelling like roses.