Thursday, May 03, 2012

Nazi-inspired councillors and charging mayors

Tall half-caf, no milk
London, ON
February 2012
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The world can be a pretty chaotic place. No surprise there, as disorder seems to be the norm. I don't lament that fact, as disorder can be pretty damn entertaining. To wit, Toronto's mayor, a guy known as Rob Ford, continues to stumble from one unpredictable life event to another. Last night, he apparently came charging out of his house and threatened a Toronto Star reporter who was trying to take pictures on public land (story here).

It somehow makes me glad I live in London. Not that our elected officials are much better, mind you - one of our city councillors, Stephen Orser, surreptitiously distributed a leaflet containing Nazi imagery to other members of council (story here). He opposes water fluoridation, and thought some good old Hitler-inspired imagery would help him make his point. Um, right.

My point, then, is we're surrounded by the unpredictable, including the behaviour of our elected officials. Who should know better, but don't. So it's nice to look up every once in a while and realize the buildings that define our cities are a little more orderly. At least that's how they seem on the surface.

Your turn: Do your elected officials embarrass you? How?


Kevin said...

It always seems to me that whenever Orser starts to champion you're cause you have already lost. He tends to be a tad over the top and dramatic. This overshadows the facts and arguments of any position he is in favour of.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

What embarrasses me regardless if they are in office or not is when people brag about what they can do and think that by bragging they can win over whoever they are talking to.. Or what is worse is when someone challenges them and they end up failing to go toe-to-toe w/the challenger...False promises made or a holier than thou attitude is a sure turn-off.

CorvusCorax12 said...

Ford must be the most famous (infamous?) mayor in Canada lol, because sadly the only other mayor i can name is my own and i know who the mayor of Calgary is..just finished reading about it on CBC

My neighbours gossipy cousin said...

Rob Ford and Orser look like meathead brothers. But you didn't hear it from me

Max Sartin said...

Oh, man. I live in Utah, every morning brings a hilarious and embarrassing story about some politician. We had a Senator who got a standing ovation after a heart-rendering apology for getting caught in the hot-tub with a then-17-year-old girl. We're suing the federal government for the return of Federal Lands that they "stole" from us, our Department of Transportation paid $13,000,000 to a construction company that LOST the bid for I-15 reconstruction, this year they passed a law that could have eliminated sex education in the public schools (the Governor vetoed it after a huge public outcry), and they passed a resolution denouncing the human effects in global warming.