Sunday, May 06, 2012

The perfectly imperfect leaf

Naturally somewhat straight
Delray Beach. FL
January 2012

Quick note: This photo supports our latest Thematic theme, strong lines. If you'd like to share your own - and we very much hope you do - please head this way.

If you put a ruler up to your screen - just be careful to avoid scratching it...on second thought, maybe you shouldn't - you'll probably notice these lines aren't perfectly straight due to the natural curve of the leaf. It's also not a perfect example of a leaf, as it sports little nicks and scratches here, there and pretty much everywhere.

I'm good with that. I'll admit I wrestled with whether to PhotoShop - oops, Aperture - this picture to within a millimeter of its life. I could have easily spent some quality mouse time massaging the imperfections until they disappeared. In doing so, I could have easily turned this view of imperfection into the leafy equivalent of a magazine cover: Perfect in every way, except for realism and soul.

So the leaf stayed as is, just as it was when I first shot it. Because photos, like life, aren't always perfect. And I'm good with that, too.

Your turn: Is perfection overrated?


Bob Scotney said...

Perfect leaf for the theme - strong (not straight) lines!

Max Sartin said...

I say yes, perfection is certainly overrated. Especially since, in reality it does not exist.
I have given in to the desire to make a picture "perfect" by digital manipulation (I use Macromedia Fireworks), but then sometimes it dawns on me - the imperfections are what make the photo perfect. Like your leaf, a beautiful picture just as it is.