Sunday, May 06, 2012

Up in the air

Safe flight
Delray Beach, FL
January 2012
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If the invisible little people who run the Internet are doing their jobs correctly, this post will automatically go live a little while before I lift off the runway on my little adventure (see here if you're just tuning in.) Now that I think about it a little bit, it'll go live just as the latex glove-clad security folks are laughing at my body scan in their new uber-tech machine. Glad I could bring them joy...but I digress.

I'll apologize for the technical meh-ness of this shot. I grabbed it while standing surfside. I had been following the kids around, trying to freeze their freneticness for eternity, when I looked up and saw this little aerial coincidence beginning to play out. I reset the camera as quickly as I could and semi-intelligently swung everything skyward and hoped for the best.

I won't be putting this on our walls anytime soon - heck, I'm probably stretching it by posting it here - but as a marker, a placeholder of a moment when I stared up and wondered hopefully about what comes next, for me and for my family, this will do quite nicely.

May all of our journeys, wherever they take us, continue to be safe, rewarding ones.

Your turn: Do you ever stare at the sky? What do you see? (I mean, really, what do you see?)

One more thing: Here are some handy links to the flight trackers for my flights. Some good geeky fun:

Outward bound (May 6-8)
Air Canada AC 7724 - CYXU (London) to CYYZ (Toronto-Pearson)
Cathay Pacific CPA 829 - CYYZ (Toronto-Pearson) to HKG (Hong Kong) - polar route(!)
Cathay Pacific CPA 368 - HKG (Hong Kong) to PVG (Shanghai-PuDong)

Homeward bound (May 11)
United Airlines UA 836 - PVG (Shanghai-PuDong) to ORD (Chicago-O'Hare)
United Airlines UA 843 - ORD (Chicago-O'Hare) to CYYZ (Toronto-Pearson)
Air Canada AC 7725 - CYYZ (Toronto-Pearson) to CYXU (London)

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